Following on from previous topics where we explored different types of yoga, we now present for discussion:

*Bhakti Yoga*

What on earth is that?!

Have a read of this:

‘When a person knows the goal of life but is addicted to the fruits of activities, he is acting in karma-yoga. When he knows that the goal is Krishna but he takes pleasure in mental speculations to understand Krishna, he is acting in jñāna-yoga. And when he knows the goal and seeks Krishna completely in Krishna consciousness and devotional service, he is acting in bhakti-yoga, or buddhi-yoga, which is the complete yoga. This complete yoga is the highest perfectional stage of life.’

– Bhagavad Gita Chapter 10, Verse 10 purport

What do you think? Any comments, questions, thoughts? How could you not have any 😉 Bring them along THIS Thursday from 6:30pm for a dynamic discussion on this intriguing philosophy. Please see poster below for more information.