Dear Friends,

We continue our February sessions with The Illusion of Being Aware this coming Thursday, 6.30pm at Student Central. 

We will ask the tough questions about reality, awareness and consciousness and will present the answers given in the ancient Vedic scriptures.  

Are we our minds, feelings, ability to reason or… are we something else?

Is reality we live in real or it is an illusion? 

Please join this week’s interactive session and contribute with your valuable insights. 

A sleeping person imagines an alternative reality for himself and, seeing himself as having various names and forms, forgets his waking identity, which is distinct from the dream. Similarly, the senses of one whose consciousness is bewildered by illusion perceive only the names and forms of material objects. Thus such a person loses his memory and cannot know You.

Srimad Bhagavatam 10.84.24-25