On Thursday we will play with a rather interesting question…are you a robot? You might think this a crazy and pointless pursuit, but here’s the thing…I’m good pals with a neuroscientist at UCL, and I’ll have you know that he firmly attests that the evidence is overwhelmingly in favour of the fact that he, and all of us lot – we’re robots in disguise. 

So, is he stark raving mad, because I don’t feel like a robot?…having said that, what would a robot feel like, and how would I know? Coming to think about it, although I’m certain I’m not wearing a human-like exoskeleton covering my true mechanical-like being, I can’t really be sure about you! 

So, whether you’re a modern-day Aristotle and your middle name is ‘philosophy,’ or if like me you just like to throw some fuel in the fire and listen to some interesting minds bounce ideas around, come along and join the fun! And, should you be particularly arty or musical, we have a piano and paper – so if worst comes to worst, we can always make up some robot music and poetry. 

Hope to see you there,
Krishna West London team

Thursday 14th December, 18:30

Student Central
Floor 2
 Bloomsbury Suite Room
Malet Street