As you all know, ‘veg-nism’ is all the rave nowadays, and at our next session we want to examine some of the key arguments fuelling the heated debate on this topic. For instance, we’ll scrutinise some of the leading views on the moral status of animals, and discuss some of the prominent socio-economic, environmental and spiritual perspectives influencing different arguments. As always, the Bhagavad Gita has a lot to offer when analysing these factors, and we’ll look to see how we can apply some of its insights in this topical issue.

Check out the flyer below for full details, and as they say…’be there, or eat some celery’ (nobody really likes celery, do they?!)

Ciao for now,
(and the Krishna West London team)

PS. Light vegan snacks will be served

Thursday 12th April, 18:30

Student Central
Floor 2
 Bloomsbury Suite Room
Malet Street