We are excited to invite you to our next Krishna West London program with a special guest speaker Cyril Wohrer (Chandrashekhara Acharya Dasa).

An esteemed scholar and student of world religions, Chandrashekhara has dedicated his life to the study and exploration of Theology in modern society. Chandrashekhara was born in Santa Monica, California, grew up in Paris and spent most of his life travelling around the world and teaching the message of Bhagavad-Gita. After completing his Master’s degree at Oxford University, he is now pursuing a PhD in Theology at UCLA. As a seasoned practitioner of the ancient arts of bhakti yoga, Chandrashekhara has delivered incisive seminars on the practical application of theological sciences across the globe, promoting a rational and earnest application of spiritual principles and techniques in contemporary culture. His visit to the UK presents a rare and valuable opportunity for students of any persuasion to draw on his vast experience and benefit from his penetrating insight into the science and culture of Krishna Consciousness.