We’ve all heard the saying, ‘home is where the heart is.’ But what does that mean? First of all, I’ve never (and never wish to) seen my heart. And secondly, although I do like the little village in which I grew up, I’m fairly sure my heart is still ticking away where it should be, and I haven’t left it back at my family home. 

So then, what are we looking for? Given that the WHO global figures for depression now total 300 million, is it fair to say that something in our society is lacking?

Yet, we live in a world in which more and more unfortunate people are being displaced from their homes due to human atrocities. So then, how can I complain? Relatively speaking, I’ve got it pretty cushty. 

On Thursday we’re going to discuss the topics of asylum, loneliness and depression, and between us all, hopefully we’ll see some interesting themes emerge that can help us better understand what ‘home’ really means. We welcome a spectrum of opinions, and would very much like to hear your thoughts. So, come along! 

Hope to see you there,
Krishna West London team.

PS. There will be cake (or something edible, as long as I’m not cooking)

Thursday 1st January, 18:30

Student Central
Floor 2
 Bloomsbury Suite Room
Malet Street