Krishna_West_London_Team_Shiv2Sankarsana Dasa


Sankarsana Dasa (Shivanand Sharma) is the Chairman of the Krishna West project in London. He came to London from the Caribbean in 2004 to pursue his studies in actuarial science. After completing his studies he began a career in pensions consulting, but in 2011 he took a sabbatical to explore the timeless teachings of Bhakti Yoga as a monk at the famous Radha Krishna Temple in Central London. During this time Sankarsana studied the practicality of applying the principles of this philosophy in present-day society, while participating in a range of interfaith events to share and exchange perspectives and ideas on relevant spirituality. Today, Sankarsana serves as a core member of the Krishna West London team while furthering his studies in the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics and pursuing a career as a chartered enterprise risk actuary in pensions consulting.


Yadavi devi dasi


Originally from Bulgaria, she moved to London several years ago to study performing arts and pursue her career in film-making. After completing her degree her main focus became scriptwriting and directing and producing her short films. While living and studying in London, she had the chance to associate with the devotees from the UK and serve in the Radha-Krishna Temple in Soho St. Somewhere in the process of searching for her place in ISKCON, she realized that Krishna West was where she belonged to. This realization inspired her to take the initiative and start the project in London. 

Currently, Yadavi lives in Los Angeles, USA.

Ramananda dasa 


In 2014, after many years of science stuff, Ryan thought to take over the world in his trusty campervan, Rumi. Somehow he ended up volunteering as a WWOOFer on a farm at a spiritual community called Bhaktivedanta Manor, near London (but not too close). After only a month of cultivating vegetables during the day and listening to Bhagavad Gita classes in the evenings, he decided to be a monk. After three years of training in Vedanta philosophy, Ryan is now using his training as a PhD in biology to delve deeper into the relationships between science, philosophy and life. And after many years of asking how, he’s very much enjoying getting back into the so-called ‘childish’ why questions.

CristinaCristina Cervera

Cristina has always been interested in art and design. She studied interior design in her home town in Spain. She has worked as a professional for many years in different companies. In 2003 she moved to Ireland to improve her English and subsequently met the devotees of Krishna.
In 2005 she settled down in Barcelona and for some years her focus was raising a family and looking after her children. After having her second baby she had the opportunity to do a degree in web design, with this knowledge and her background in design this world became her new profession.
She designed the website for the Barcelona temple as well as the site of its president, Gundicha Das.
Her husband (Krishna Sharma das) is an English devotee and both have strong connections with Bhaktivedanta Manor and devotees in London.

Currently, she lives in Alicante, Spain.