We hope you had a good summer break and are ready to hit the books again! Goodbye deckchairs, hello winter hibernation (eek!)

As you set your schedules for the next term don’t forget to pencil in your regular Krishna West London sessions, here to balance the weight of rigid study schedules with a refreshing dose of spiritually uplifting philosophy (and cake… see below)

By popular request we will be hosting our sessions on a new day this term – Tuesday!

Tottenham Court Road tube station recently shared a particularly relevant quote:

‘The shortest horror story ever: … Monday.’

So join us on the following day to help repair the psychological damage that Monday brings (that’s TUESDAY again, for those of you who are still struggling post summer where everyday merges into one. We feel your pain).

This coming Tuesday we will be discussing ‘KARMA YOGA’.

  • What is karma? (cue Justin Timberlake’s frustratingly catchy ‘what goes around comes around’ song)
  • How is karma related to yoga?
  • What does it matter anyway?!

Come along to our interactive discussion on Tuesday 13th September, where our team member Shivanand is back again to explore these questions and delve into the relationship between karma and yoga.

Not to be missed! (oh, and there will also be cake. Not that that will sway you).

Tuesday 13th September

6:30 – 8:30pm

Student Central

2nd Floor, Room 2B

Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

Hope to see you there!