Who needs a hero?

Maybe this is a ‘guy thing,’ I’m not sure. But when I come out of the cinema having watched a Marvel film, I’m still in ‘superhero mode.’ I find myself kind of thinking that I might have these awesome skills, but I just haven’t uncovered them yet. Maybe I need to get bitten by a spider or something, and then my true potential will shine through.

Come on, am I really the only one? Surely you too secretly think you’ve got special powers!

This Saturday we will be discussing the question, who even needs a hero nowadaysIs ‘the hero’ merely a comforting notion that was useful in pre-technological times, or could there be something built into our nature that seeks out strong role models? If so, what makes a hero? Of course, in our discussion on Saturday we will search for answers from the Vedic texts, and in so doing provide some food for thought.  

Lastly, this is a charity event, and we only ask that you RSVP in advance for catering purposes (and bring an appetite).
With best wishes,
On behalf of the Krishna West London team

Saturday 25th August, 6.00-8.30 pm

Jayanti House
34 Greenhill Way

(5-minute walk from Harrow-on-the-Hill underground station)