As the Krishna West London project is developing there have been a couple of faithful devotees who have been there since the very beginning. We would not have come so far with the KWL project without their precious service.

CristinCristinaa Cervera has been the Krishna West London web and graphic designer. She created the KWL official logo. As she is an extremely talented and hard-working devotee, we asked her about her motivation and inspiration to join our team. This is what she had to say:

“There are two main reasons for me wanting to help Krishna West.

In my personal experience, before I met devotees of Krishna, there were many subjects that interested me like reincarnation, fair treatment of animals, God, but they were a little confusing for me and I didn’t have the knowledge necessary to articulate my points of view. Coming into contact with the philosophy of Krishna consciousness, I realized that it agreed with my way of thinking and in a very natural way.

I grew up in the Spain in a Catholic family in a middle-sized town. Until I was 7 years old, no other religion was allowed by law. Although I am not especially attracted by the dress styles and cuisine of India I am fascinated by its depth of wisdom and history.
I believe that Krishna West will facilitate what Srila Prabhupada really wants; to attract normal Western people to the world of Krishna consciousness. People like myself who are interested in another way of living but not in radically changing their dress code or their external situation.

Also, H.D.Goswami is my husband’s guru. He (Krishna Sharma Das) has been following Maharaja for many years, listening to his lectures and his presentation of Srila Prabhupada’s teachings. We deeply appreciate his wisdom and devotion and his help in day-to-day matters as well as philosophy. I feel indebted to him and so performing this service is a way to appreciate all he has given us.”