This week we will be discussing the notion of ‘collective consciousness’…the idea that we have a set of shared beliefs and attitudes that unify us within particular social environments. And we’ll look to identify and understand what could be the underlying forces or mechanisms that shape those shared beliefs and attitudes, and perhaps even challenge or justify them.

As ever, as part of our investigation we will draw on some of the insights from the thought-provoking Bhagavad Gita, such as the following verse:

BG 18.20 – “That knowledge by which one undivided spiritual nature is seen in all living entities, though they are divided into innumerable forms, you should understand to be in the mode of goodness.”

See you there,
(and the Krishna West London team)

PS. On the menu this week will be something vegan, GF…and spiralized (OK, I admit it…I bought a spiralizer and I’m completely obsessed.) 

Thursday 22nd February, 18:30

Student Central
Floor 2
 Bloomsbury Suite Room
Malet Street