It is said that charity begins at home. But where does it go after that? Does it necessarily involve monetary exchange, and how can I possibly choose from amongst all the different parties who are rattling their tins on the high street every Saturday afternoon?

It’s overwhelming, is it not? And with all the incredible suffering that we know goes on in the world, perhaps we can be forgiven for shying away from even considering such matters. It may be too much to bear. 

The concept of charity is discussed in the Bhagavad Gita, and this week we’ll be assessing the following point:

BG 17.20 – “Charity given out of duty, without expectation of return, at the proper time and place, and to a worthy person is considered to be in the mode of goodness.”

In one sentence, this really packs a punch, and no doubt will raise some emotive reactions. That’s what Krishna West is all about…taking a source of knowledge that some will claim as authoritative…be it scriptural, scientific etc…then intelligently talking amongst one another in order to determine how to act in the world to bring about the most good…for oneself, and for others.

So…come along and join in this Thursday. We usually have a small group of 5-7 turning up, so if you fancy coming for the first time, feel free. (Most of the people who come don’t bite.)

Ciao for now,
(and the Krishna West London team)

PS. Vegan and GF snacks will be served

Thursday 15th March, 18:30

Student Central
Floor 2
 Bloomsbury Suite Room
Malet Street