The Positive and Negative Injunctions of Bhakti

Dear Friends, Our regular sessions continue this week. Please don't miss us this evening.  The Positive and Negative Injunctions of Bhakti What is bhakti? What it takes to reach the highest level of understanding of the meta-physical reality? How developing bhatki will help you improve your life on a daily basis? This evening, 30/03/207, at

Religion and the Rational Life

Dear Friends, We are delighted to invite you to H.D. Goswami's talk in London on the 1st April (Saturday) at Student Central.  H.G. Goswami (Howard J. Resnick, Ph.D.) is an early pioneer and renowned teacher of bhakti yoga in the Western world. At the forefront of contemporary religious dialogue, he is celebrated for his unique ability

Epistemology of Transcendental Consciousness

Krishna West London sessions continue today 23 March 2017 at Student Central. Shivanand will give an insightful presentation on the Epistemology of Transcendental Consciousness.  How do we know that we know? Can the transcendental knowledge be systematically studied? Can the reason go beyond what is reasonable? It is understood from the Vedic science of epistemology,

Jane Austen and Sri Krishna

Dear Friends, We are excited to invite you all to a very special event where we will be joined by Hridayananda das Goswami (Howard J. Resnick, Ph.D.), an early pioneer and renowned teacher of bhakti yoga in the Western world, and founder of the Krishna West project.  H.D. Goswami will be giving his insights into how Jane Austen in her novels, and Sri Krishna, in his Bhagavad-gita, though separated by

Do You Trust Me? Confidence in Shaping the World

Are we defined by the reality or is the reality defined by us? Do we shape the world or is the world shaping us? What is it that makes us who we are? This Thursday, 16th March, our friend Pradyumna will takes us on a journey of self-exploration.  Topic: Do Your Trust Me? Confidence in

Mantra Meditation

Dear Friends, The spring is fast approaching and with it our March sessions too. It is time to wake up our consciousness and see ourselves and the world with new vision.  Mantra meditation is a special way of awakening the self to a higher realm of awareness and understanding.  Lecturing at Boston's Northeastern University in

Me, Myself and I – On Trial!

Our sessions about the Conscious Self continue this Thursday, 23th February.  We will explore the relationship between the self, the body and the world around us.  "Those who are seers of the truth have concluded that of the nonexistent [the material body] there is no endurance and of the eternal [the soul] there is no

A City within the City. Exploring the Self

Dear Friends, Our sessions continue this Thursday, 16th February. Have you recently had a discussion so deep and meaningful that gave you food for thought for days to come? Do you often contemplate on the essence of the Self? Pradyumna Sepulveda will lead us through The City within the City and help us explore the

The Illusion of Being Aware

Dear Friends, We continue our February sessions with The Illusion of Being Aware this coming Thursday, 6.30pm at Student Central.  We will ask the tough questions about reality, awareness and consciousness and will present the answers given in the ancient Vedic scriptures.   Are we our minds, feelings, ability to reason or... are we something else?

Physical and Metaphysical A Bi-dimensional Universe

Having a relaxed break? We hope your waistlines haven't increased as much as ours... We have many exciting themes lined up for 2017, beginning with a series of discussions on: Physical and Metaphysical A Bi-dimensional Universe We will be kicking off on Thursday 12th January at 6:30pm with From Science to Self. From Self to Science Intrigued?