There Is Light

Kardami Kapila das (Stanislav Trifonov), also known as Nasimo, starts his career as a street artist in the early 90’s. Over the decades his art evolves from simple tags on the street to the complex paintings that we see today with incorporated rich symbolism and mysticism. In the last few years he gained national and

Spiritual Prophecy 1 – Rajuna

As Krishna West gains popularity, we like to introduce talented devotees and out-of-the-box initiatives. With pleasure, this week, we feature Isana Gaura das, whose service has been a contribution to ISKCON. Originally from the UK, he currently resides in Denmark with his family. Being a long time devotee, he has inspired many, helping people to

We Just Want to Feed the World

With the welcoming of the new 2016 the world is facing many challenges – the global warming, the growing social and economic disparity, terrorism, the war in Syria, the shocking number of displaced people around the world. The list goes on and on with the issues that the society has difficulties to solve. As Krishna’s

Reply to a Senior Leader

Reply to a Senior Leader Recently a senior ISKCON leader tried to refute some basic claims of Krishna West. I feel it is my duty to respond to these points. After all, the Caitanya Caritāmṛta says, “A sincere student should not neglect the discussion of [Kṛṣṇa conscious] conclusions, considering them controversial, for such discussions strengthen the mind.

Krishna Sharma das – ‘Small World Kirtans’

Small World Kirtans is an album that changes our perception of what kirtan could sound like. With his new album Krishna Sharma dasa shows us the endless possibilities and styles the devotional music can adopt and adapt. With a lot of grace and taste he combines reggae, ska and Motown in a unique blend of

The Samadhi Dance Company to Perform “Inevitable Time” at the Camden Centre

Photography by Karen Scheffers The Samadhi Dance Company brings to life Inevitable Time with their distinct expression of beauty, excellence, and stand out professional contemporary dance. The Samadhi Dance style The vocabulary of the company is based on contemporary ballet, with strong influences of Bharata Natyam (traditional Indian dance), yoga, theatre, jazz/urban and

Ananda Monet – “Inevitable Time”

With her rich vocals Ananda Monet stands out as one of the most talented singers and musicians one may ever hear. With depth and beauty in her performances Ananda transfers us to a realm of divine bliss and happiness. Here she speaks in detail about her upcoming album "Inevitable Time" which will be showcased at

Jahnavi Harrison – “Like a River to the Sea”

Jahnavi Harrison is well-known for her mesmerizing kirtans. Magical and somehow otherworldly they transfer us to a realm of divine bliss and happiness. I have heard many times people saying “She sings like an angel.” Here is what she shares with us about her new album, the upcoming concert with the very talented Ananda Monet and

Cristina – The KWL Web & Graphic Designer

As the Krishna West London project is developing there have been a couple of faithful devotees who have been there since the very beginning. We would not have come so far with the KWL project without their precious service. Cristina Cervera has been the Krishna West London web and graphic designer. She created the KWL

How Prabhupada Got Me on His Side

After 8 years of being in the Hare Krishna movement I recently got initiated and it was a day I will never forget. Looking back in time, Krishna Consciousness was something quite intriguing to me, something I wanted to explore. Gradually that interest grew and I developed a taste, then strong attachment before obtaining a