This Thursday we are going to dig into quite a provocative question…are you a blind-faither? (Please note that the term ‘faither’ doesn’t yet exist, but I’m putting it out there, assuming you get what I mean.) You see, no-one in their right mind wants to be caught acting on blind faith. It’s probably on par with our fear of public speaking.

I’ll give an example – let’s take somebody from a different country, far far away from the frozen shores of the UK. Let’s say it’s kind of like the place where Wonderwoman grew up (notice I respected her capital W). It’s always hot there. And so Wonderwoman comes to England and I take her on a morning walk one day. But before we leave I say, ‘Wonderwoman, it’s really dangerous out there…I know you’ve got ‘mad skills,’ but even so, put some good shoes on and be careful with your step.’ Now, we’ve all seen her in action at the recent blockbuster, but here’s the thing – I’d bet that she wouldn’t listen to me because she’d be overconfident, and then injure her back, putting her out of superhero action for some time. 

The point which I have really drawn out here is the following…blind faith is clearly flawed. It’s obvious, and everyone can see that. But what we don’t talk about so often is the equal and opposite pitfall…blind doubt. Yes, the idea that someone else actually knows something I don’t, and if I don’t listen to them, I might end up just as much on my back as our poor WW (abbreviated to look cool). But where is the line and how are we supposed to know who/what is correct?

I could talk all day, but I’ll stop now and continue Thursday…oh, and make sure you can make it because WW is also on our mailing list, and will, albeit on crutches, handing out autographed Krishna West t-shirts. 

Krishna West London team

Thursday 21st December, 18:30

Student Central
Floor 2
 Bloomsbury Suite Room
Malet Street