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Krishna West is a spiritual movement that serves the world through the teaching and practice of advanced spiritual knowledge found in ancient texts such as Bhagavad-gita and Srimad-bhagavatam. As one of the oldest, most cherished treatises on the philosophy and practice of yoga, Bhagavad-gita explains that we are all eternal spiritual beings. We have always existed and always will exist. Only our temporary body is born and dies. Compelled by the reactions to our worldly actions (karma) we wander through many lives until we clearly grasp our eternal identity as souls, and our loving relationship with an infinitely beautiful, all-knowing, and ever youthful God, Krishna. Krishna West teaches the timeless, non-sectarian path of bhakti-yoga, devotion to God and all souls. Bhagavad-gita describes bhakti-yoga as the highest stage of spiritual yoga.

The secret of spiritual success – Saturday 29th September 2018

Good evening, You are receiving these emails because at one time or another you expressed an interest in hearing more about spiritual matters. This month we're in for a treat! We're fortunate to be hosting special guest, Krishna Dharma. Author of the world's bestselling retellings of the timeless classics - Mahabharata and Ramayana - and practitioner of

Krishna West London 2018 Q2 Newsletter

Krishna West London 2018 Q2 Newsletter is now available for viewing! Find out what fun we've been having in the last three months, and read on for a fascinating insight about the nature of the universe and our attendance at a recent Plato conference.  ***Please click here to download a copy - KWL Q2 2018 Newsletter ***

Who needs a hero? – Saturday 25th August 2018

Who needs a hero? Maybe this is a 'guy thing,' I'm not sure. But when I come out of the cinema having watched a Marvel film, I'm still in 'superhero mode.' I find myself kind of thinking that I might have these awesome skills, but I just haven't uncovered them yet. Maybe I need to

Setting Life Goals – SoulRise! – Saturday 21st July 2018

Good evening, I know what you're thinking, and I assure you that I won't mention anything about 'goals' and the world cup here. Let's move on. On Saturday 21st July this week, you are invited to join in at our weekly SoulRise event, hosted by expert practitioners of Bhakti Yoga. We kick it off by

SoulRise! – Saturday 23rd June 2018

Good evening everyone, I am pleased to announce a new event which we will be hosting on Saturday mornings going forward, “SoulRise”. SoulRise is all about creating a sacred space to learn about and practice bhakti-yoga, or Krishna Consciousness. Bhakti-yoga offers lasting benefits for our personal lives, and at SoulRise you will have the opportunity

Can the environment be saved? – Saturday 2nd June 2018

Hi friends, Scientists only very recently touched base at the deepest point of the ocean - the Mariana Trench. After years of planning and anticipation, can you imagine what they found...a plastic bag! Us humans really do like our bags. This week we have a very special guest. Dayananda das, an early pioneer in the Hare

Overcoming Anger – Thursday 17th May 2018

Anger is a powerful emotion. We've all felt uncompromising rage that builds up and either ends in a mini-outburst, or a full-blown crescendo. Usually, we feel silly afterwards, especially when the poor victim didn't see it coming. But why then do we allow it to happen over and over again? Is there a safe

Gita at Sunset – Thursday 10th May 2018

Gita at Sunset Morning friends, When you hear 'Bhagavad Gita,' what comes to mind? Maybe ideas of India. Perhaps mysticism and spiritual notions. Or, maybe you've been thinking 'religion,' and switched off. The Bhagavad Gita is a monumental treatise of spiritual philosophy. The Sanskrit translation of 'Bhagavad Gita' is 'Song of God.' Dramatically set in

What is ‘The Good Life?’ – Thursday 3rd May 2018

Afternoon friends, Fun, fun, fun. We're all after it, but where is that consistent joy to be found?...Is it in the end-product, or in the journey? Maybe both? This week we'll be discussing that elusive but essential concept...the good life, a subject that has occupied great thinkers for millennia. We’ll be examining some key insights and

Cultivating Self-Discipline – Thursday 19th April 2018

Afternoon friends, What gets you out of bed in the morning? Do you surrender to the triple snooze? Maybe you've got one of those alarms that you have to physically catch to make it stop. Or perhaps you experience the strange phenomenon whereby the closer it gets to that tube time of 7.38 am, the larger and